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The bb.q chicken franchise support system is based on years of industry experience in franchisee education, product research and development, site developing, and supply chain and design. We are strongly committed to ensuring that bb.q chicken franchise owners have the support they need to operate best-in-class restaurants. On top of, for MF partners, we provide a guideline that assists to organize core employees for the local corporation and deliver our expert knowledge and know-how in order to operate successful franchise business.

Education & Training
Comprehensive training and assistance, both before you open and once your restaurant is operational, including guidance on receipt and storage of all food items, food preparation techniques to ensure freshness and proper hygiene, as well as general business management and supervision procedures.
Operations & Supply Chain
We deliver our operation system and know-how through the first store’s launching. HQ’s operation team and R&D team will take a long-term business trip to support successful start by providing franchise education and training for local employees. In addition, we assist to increase store sales through developing marketing tool regularly. Moreover, through global SV activity, we help sustainable franchise stores by checking QCS. Before open the first store, we support competitiveness raw material sourcing, and our purchase team will set up local distribution line to maintain stable store operation.
Site Developing
Our outstanding site selection team will help you and your real estate partner to choose the store site based on our proprietary site analysis form. In addition, when our partner has to choose the first store’s site, HQ team will send site developing team to investigate local situation.
Design & Construction
Our design team will provide information on how to best design each franchised location based on available space and certain business model, and more. And also we are able to give our opinion towards choosing proper construction company.